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From hidden Mediterranean Beaces to milenary Castles
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Women's Running Magazine feature.

By Allison Pattillo

"After traveling to Spain for a running vacation, I discovered that spending a few days following the Costa Brava Way Trail doesn't just meet these lofty desires-it surpasses them on every level. Maybe it was the peeding through ancient towns and olive groves, dining at Michelin-starred restaurants or falling asleep sily exhausted in a bed overlooking the sea-and dreaming of repeating it all again the next day? Whatever reason, head to northeastern Spain and tap into the Mediterranean way of life.. "

For perfect days

Trail Runner Magazine feature.

By Elinor Fish

Trail running vacations of Spain's Costa Brava region yields an unexpected immersion in Catalonian gastronomy, culture and history. .."Pablo, what is your favorite part of doing these tours: the running, the food or the history lesson?" asks Chris. Pablo smiles and thoughtfully studies the layers of stone in the wall-each one laid by a different settler or conqueror over the past 2000 years before voicing his response.

"I believe the only real way to experience a place is to run through it," he says...

Running costa brava


Pablo and Cristina Owner Adventure Runners

Pablo and Cristina are the founders and managers of running&outdoors Costa Brava. They live in Girona with their four little boys. After working for some years in their formal jobs, Pablo as a IT specialist and Cristina in a travel agency, they finally decided to quit their jobs and make their passion their way of living.

A mix of experience and knowledgement from both, allowed them to create this running vacations experience in the CostaBrava in 2011, Pablo was an ex professional triathlete and Cristina always dedicated professionally to the tourist world.

He is in charge of the running holidays route design and the other guides supervision and trainning. Cristina is the contact before your arrival. She is in charge with all the bookings and will personally sort out all the matters conecerned to your stay.

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